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NOBLE CAUSE? WHY?  I am of the opinion that design must serve a nobler cause than just promoting sales. So as I am in the search of that cause I chose to use that name as my banner.

  • BUILD A BRIDGE WITH WORDS Goethe-Institut advertising campaign 2013

  • CITIZEN MAGAZINE Free press from Serres

  • PANARITIS ΚΑΤΑΛΟΓΟΣ 2013 Products catalogue of Panaritis company 2013

  • CHAMBER MUSIC 44th Dimitria (Poster)


  • GUN TALE Rule book of role playing game Liquid Fire Team (RPG)

  • BOXES "MEZE" Stohos Food Stories (Souvlaki series)

  • RICHEINE BITTE Goethe-Institut advertising campaign 2011

  • KLAIN MEIN Goethe-Institut (Advertising campaign)

  • AM ANFANG WAR DAS WORT Goethe-Institut (Poster, Programme)

  • THE WANDERER Book trilogy

  • HATZIANDREOU STEEL Corporate brochure